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Women We Love: Maxene Magalona

“New year, new me.”

I can’t even remember how many times I used this caption for my New Year posts in the past and yet it NEVER came true. 😅 It was always a New Year with the same old me—a lost little soul. 😵‍💫

It’s time for some real, honest-to-goodness change.

Before we enter another New Year full of possibilities and hope, it’s very important to reflect and reevaluate the way we our living. We tend to focus too much on celebrating the holidays that we completely forget to pause and check to see how we’re really doing. We need to slow down, breathe and ask ourselves—What can I do to be a better human being for the benefit of the greater good?

Look at yourself with 100% honesty and zero B.S. Accept yourself for all that you are. Celebrate your goodness and thank God for it. Face all of the things that make you cringe about yourself and then let them go.

If you want to be renewed for the coming year, you cannot run away from your old self. You have to embrace it and thank it for all the lessons it has taught you. You have to process your pain. You have to accept and let go of your past, live in the present moment, and look towards the future with faith, hope and love.

Cleanse your soul of toxic energy to make space for new and good vibrations.

Photo and words by @maxenemagalona

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