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Our Story

She Talks Asia started with the Every Girl Can conference in March of 2017. While we didn’t yet have a name for our group, or a crystal clear plan, it was evident that we had been called to fill a need at a time when feminism was experiencing a renewed surge worldwide.


Taking inspiration from the waves of the self-love movement, and from the solidarity we witnessed as difficult conversations around gender-based assault and discrimination made their way into the mainstream, we knew that beyond the collective buzz there was a great amount of unpacking that needed to be done before true equality could become a reality.

What We Do

Through our three main pillars of Community, Experience, and Impact Agency we create enabling conditions for change through culture and business.


We amplify messages of empowerment, diversity, and inclusion, by creating events, products, and experiences that focus on authentic connection, genuine dialogue, and equal representation.


This means showcasing role models, writing articles, organizing events, recording podcasts, shooting videos, developing products, and working with our corporate partners on projects that help level the playing field and move towards gender equality.

Our Team

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