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Women We Love: Katrina Holigores

This week in #WednesdayVoices, we’re putting the spotlight on Katrina Holigores. She shares with us about her craft, habits, and dealing with the pressure to achieve success:

Please give us a background on what you do and what are the different things you're passionate about.

I'm a freelance producer for film, TV, online content by profession. I have just registered my company called Lochart Studios, OPC. I have always been passionate about higher learning, critical thinking, and travel to know more about other cultures and different trains of thought and behavior.

In my youth, I was always attracted to energies, alternative forms of healing. I was fortunate enough to have a family that was familiar with "third eye" gifts, so to speak. I was never made to feel weird or strange if I had experiences that some may call otherworldly by those close to me.

What inspired you to revisit your healing roots and pursue healing work during this time?

Due to the pandemic, my life as a producer/ content creator is at a temporary ( I believe) standstill. With all the safety protocols in place, it has become more challenging to start shooting or filming anything (with some rare exceptions).

Over the last 12 months, I have also been aware that more people have been reaching out to me for advice or informal "readings" on their situation, whether professional or personal. I still have all my tools from my various training as an energy healer and teacher, so I decided to refresh my education and practice again. As soon as I did a "soft launch" of my return to my healing roots, I have not had a dull week.

In line with Mental health month, what habits and practices did you adopt during the pandemic to look after your mental well-being?

It may sound so basic but meditation and movement work for me. I start and end my day with at least 10 minutes of calming and clearing my mind, with breathwork, some affirmations, and visualizations. Movement takes on many forms; I either exercise, walk my dog, go riding, or put on my favorite music and dance. I think it's essential to have some kind of routine, not necessarily in doing errands or for work, but a routine of carving out time EVERY DAY for me.

I learned something recently, TBD, which stands for THINK, BLOCK, DO.

T-Think about what are your needs that need to be met that day

B- BLOCK the time off to meet those needs in the day

D- DO it

As someone who has had experience in pursuing and excelling in different careers, what is your advice on young women who feel the pressure to immediately achieve success or have everything figured out at a young age?

I suppose it's removing attachment from "achievement" by a certain deadline and being rigid as to how you get to that place. It is phenomenal to set goals, reachable ones with a certain timeline but allow yourself wiggle room in order to find the best way to get and achieve those goals. I am a firm believer that God, the Universe, Creator has a way better imagination than you do, so why limit yourself to how you can achieve it? Give some flow room, and let the magic in.

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