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Women We Love: Joanne of Wonder Doodles

She Talks Asia is putting the spotlight on Joanne, the amazing artist behind @Wonder_doodles. Joanne is a Chinese American licensed therapist who grew up and continue to live in California. She turned her love for doodling as a way to share uplifting artworks, “My heart has always been to encourage and bring hope to the darkest places whether that’s through art, therapy, or how I live my life and love others.”

Joanne also uses her platform to educate and increase representation of the Asian perspective, “I try to depict all ethnicities and races in my art but I will always have a special place in my heart for depicting Asians. I talk a lot about my culture and how I grew up, the ideals I was taught and how I try to stay connected to my roots.”

Joanne shared that people who meet her in person are often surprised to find out that she’s Asian. “I created a few pieces on 'What my Asian mom/dad taught me’ and it was so encouraging to see my fellow Asians connect to it and feel understood and depicted.”

As society becomes more aware about the need for greater diversity in creative fields, Joanne’s voice is more valuable than ever, “There just isn’t enough representation in the art and media world. I want to show people that we’re not all just Mulans.

Joanne is a proud wife, Mom and Dog Mom.

Joanne is a proud wife, Mom and Dog Mom. She is a licensee therapist who loves to doodle. Follow her work on @wonder_doodles

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