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Trish Terrado on personal betterment

What do you do for a living, and what are the things that make you feel more alive?

Content Creator, Model, and Advocate. I’m currently a student at Favor College and also a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility team of Kumu where we partner with different non-profit organizations and help them through different ways to create programs where we can raise funds for their supported communities.

What makes me feel more alive is being with family, my closest friends, and volunteering in church! I love growing and learning with my church community. I get more encouraged to keep showing up for other people! Encouraging and praying for people, and then celebrating their answered prayers! Another thing is when I’m my most authentic self. I love that I have a space where I can be weird and crazy, but also be genuinely loved and simultaneously love as well.

How old are you?


What do you think is the biggest challenge, and the best thing, about being your age?

Biggest challenge is the pressure I put on myself! I tend to become so ambitious, desiring to reach for the stars, and do so many things all at once so I can accomplish more goals at an early age. I constantly and intentionally check with myself if I’m growing, learning, and becoming a better version of myself. So I tend to think I’m not doing enough, but actually, on the flip side, I’m fine! Best thing about being 27 is that I honestly have plenty of time for my dreams to happen. I just have to keep reminding myself that life is all about the journey and I gotta enjoy it!

How have you grown wiser in the past two years?

Interesting question! I’ve learned to give more importance to the major aspects of my life — creating more valuable memories, maximizing my time with the people I absolutely love in real life, and intentionally becoming a better and healthier version of myself, so really getting to know myself better (mind, body, and spirit!). Having worked as a content creator, I constantly felt the need to keep putting out content and be mindful about engagements and followers, that I almost always missed out on the moments of real life. What I wore, how I looked, how much content I was creating (amongst many others) became more important than who “Trish” was with the people I was with. Don’t get me wrong, I was still definitely very much my weird self (LOL) but I’ve just learned the depth and gravity of valuing authenticity, integrity, and being absolutely genuinely connected and present with the people I was spending time with. When I spent time getting to know myself, I also learned that I needed to heal from so many wounds from my past, which encouraged me to reach out and see a Psychiatrist. I loved it! I’ve also spent time with my church community that I’ve started to meet a healthier version of myself — the one who truly wants people around her to win in life!

What are the best pieces of life advice you have ever received?

“You are not powerless.” This doesn’t mean become prideful — not at all. This means empowering the person within you to evict the “victim mentality” inside your mind and instead embrace the warrior that is you!

Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Take youuuuur tiiiime.

How do you think women can support other women better, specially those whose voices are not often heard?

Listen to each other, genuinely connect, and desire for our team to win! As a woman, we know that we’ve gone through so much in life that we tend to react and think about situations differently. So before we conclude/assume things about each other, maybe take a pause and think, “how can I understand her better?” Everyone has their own battles to conquer, so let’s root for each other, and listen, but listen genuinely with our hearts.

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