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The WHY behind the new She Talks Asia logo

This year, the She Talks Asia community will turn five years old—

Five years of honest conversations, of holding space, of amplifying voices.

We started She Talks with the idea of giving younger women the big sister advice we wished we had received when we were younger.

After half a decade of listening to your stories and life lessons, we realized that we have much to learn from our little sisters too. In the same way there’s so much knowledge we have yet to soak up from our Mothers, our Aunts, and our Grandmothers.

Halfway through 2021, we looked at our logo and felt disconnected. Though the lips+lightning had beautifully represented our energy when we were starting in 2017, it could no longer capture our identity as a community that has learned together, and from each other, through the years.

Today, we’re shedding old skin to make way for something more fitting.

Made up of woven colours just like our interconnected stories, and intergenerational wisdom we seek to ingrain in everything we do, these new lips encompass our journey of walking and dreaming together; that we no longer speak to you as ‘big sisters’, or distinguish between teachers and students. We are each other’s friends, allies, and peers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you some of the new paths we’re focusing on for 2022. But for now, allow me and my other founders to give you our heartfelt thank you once again for being our partners and co-creators of a kinder and more equitable future.

Sincerely, Lynn

CEO, She Talks Asia

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