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"What area in your life are you trying to rebuild in 2023?"

by Renee Ngo

“What area in your life are you trying to rebuild in 2023?”

This was the question we asked everyone joining the She Talks Asia Summit. Looking back at it now, I realized that my STA Summit experience has helped me rebuild trust.

I was reminded to trust myself and my abilities.

In the midst of planning the event, I got lost and forgot my place and power. I forgot that I am here to occupy space and not just squeeze myself in wherever I can fit.

I forgot that I had a powerful voice and I can speak clearer and louder if I am not heard. I forgot that I have power, power that demands to be used and respected.

It was a little too late when I realized this and it broke my heart a little. I thought to myself.. how could I have forgotten? But I got myself together and immediately applied for the lesson. I trust that I have learned my lesson and from here on out, I will take space, use my voice, and respect my power.

I remembered to trust others.

Trust that when you ask for help, people will show up. The STA Team and Tribe, my friends, and my family, everyone showed up and gave support in all the ways that I wanted and needed from sending motivational messages to delivering a box of pastries to rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

Brene Brown said, “Stop walking through the world looking for confirmation that you don't belong.”

Trust that you belong and that you are loved. You might be surprised how willing people are to help you and see you win.

Lastly, I relearned to trust the process and trust the magic.

There’s always a moment before an event when the what-ifs attack you.

What if a speaker is late? What if the lights and sound don’t work?

What if people don’t attend the event? What if this is the first summit that fails?

What if this was all for nothing?


You remember to breathe and to let go, and to trust the process that you went through, trust the magic of everything coming together.

Trust the magic of this She Talks Asia community

It was during the afternoon breakout sessions —one of the things I was very nervous about, praying that it’ll work out. I was going around when a group burst out laughing out loud out of nowhere and it was pure ecstasy. I knew then that the magic was at its peak.

At that moment, I remembered why we’re doing all this. It filled my heart that these girls could also find a tribe here where they feel safe, understood, and challenged. Where they can learn and relearn things together, just like our tribe.

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