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Life lessons I learned from adult gymnastics

Gymnastics is my favorite sport in the Olympics.

The grace, the power, the unimaginable feats.

So at the ripe old age of 24, I enrolled myself in a gymnastics class.

Lesson # 1: Ask a friend

I was utterly terrified when I enrolled in adult gymnastics.

I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know the gym, I had no idea what would happen.

It was like the first day of school.

Thank goodness I had my friend with me!

I blurted out that I was going to class and he wanted to go with me.


It made everything less terrifying knowing that I am not alone.

Eventually, 3 of my other friends joined the class and it became a group bonding activity.

So go on and call a friend, ask for a favor, get their support!

Sometimes we’re embarrassed to ask a friend but you never know… more often than not, they’ll have your back!

Lesson # 2: Just do it!

Like the good ol’ Nike tagline: just do it.

I enrolled in adult gymnastics immediately after I found out about it.

I knew that if I took my time... I’ll overthink and come up with a reason not to go through with it.

The class made me practice this all throughout.

When you’re about to do a somersault, you can’t overthink it.

You just need to squat, tuck, and roll.

It won’t be perfect, you won’t roll straight, you might not even roll.

But the thing is.. you won’t know how to improve on it unless you do it.

You can only learn by doing it.

Lesson # 3: Have some FUN!

Gymnastics was HARD.

Especially when you start as an adult and have no coordination.

BUT… it was also so much FUN.

It made me feel like a kid again!

The first time I hopped on the trampoline, I flipped over and landed on my back and all I can do was laugh.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio