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Embracing Inclusivity at Flat Planet WorkSpace

In a world where women face numerous challenges in the workplace, it is essential to have a supportive and encouraging environment. Flat Planet WorkSpace understands the unique needs and hurdles faced by women, and is in a mission to support initiatives that create a positive working environment, promote work-life harmony, and foster personal and professional growth. This month, it partnered with She Talks Asia as the venue of our first Tribe Council Volunteer Meet Up for 2023.

Flat Planet Marketing Production Coordinator Charmaine Musni shares, "Flat Planet Co-Working Space provides a positive working space that allows you to grow, explore, and be the best version of yourself. With spacious and quiet workstations, a well-secured environment, a high-speed internet connection, and unlimited coffee, you can work in peace without worries. The work ethic cultivated at Flat Planet inspires others."

Flat Planet WorkSpace values diversity and inclusivity– empowering women to thrive in their respective fields. Apart from hosting female-focused events, they also have gender-inclusive policies, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities to help connect and empower women. These initiatives actively contribute to a diverse and inclusive environment that celebrates the achievements of women and propels them towards success.

For She Talks Asia Tribe Council Member Guia Dionido, being surrounded by like-minded women felt really empowering. “It was a safe space. I felt recharged after the Tribe Council Meet-up. That I can conquer whatever challenges I will face.”

Flat Planet Events and Marketing Project Manager Jesella Manimbo emphasized how the sense of community at Flat Planet Workspace sets it apart from other co-working spaces. “The community manager is always available and willing to assist, and the members are incredibly friendly and supportive. The space is well-designed, modern, and energizing.”

For She Talks, the venue partnership made it easy for us to create a conducive and intimate environment for the meetup. Tribe Council Czarina Falco shared that she appreciated the jovial atmosphere as soo as she entered, “Within ten minutes of this year’s first Tribe Council Meet up, I already knew I was in the company of great people – women who are strong, smart and compassionate.”

Thriving communities are built on fostering and nurturing connections. It's truly wonderful to witness the growth of spaces like Flat Planet WorkSpace that encourage women to embrace their potential, and help enable diverse communities to flourish.

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