At She Talks Asia, we believe that the improvement of self is tantamount to the improvement of society.

Through building programs and platforms that focus on education, dialogue, and community, our mission is to give individuals tools to identify, process, and thrive through personal issues and challenges. We believe that by using the power of dialogue and storytelling, we are able to equip and empower individuals to work with/through their struggles to become the most fully realized version of themselves— creating leaders, innovators, and confident individuals that make better overall life choices.


Our Stories

The objective of our online narratives is to use the power of stories to educate young women and guide them to nurture a positive self-image. We gather produce, and feature inspiring stories of healing, self-care and empowerment. Stories come in the form of videos, audio (podcast) and written narratives.

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Our Summits and Conferences

The She Talks Asia Summit is held every March, in celebration of women's month. Past themes include: Every Girl Can 2017, She Is: Self Made 2018.

In addition to this, our September conferences are an on-ground culmination of our yearly awareness campaign, e.g. The Body Love Revolution 2018

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Our Modules and Mentorship Programs

Through our modules and mentorship programs, teenage women from at risk-communities in Manila are provided with mentorship and after school enrichment support, aimed at building their leadership, goal-setting, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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She Talks Asia is a circle of individuals, attracted by likeness, bound by differences.

We seek open-minded individuals to engage and collaborate with, regardless of gender, geography, ethnicity, religion, or age.


"All She Talks Asia platforms, programs, and subsidiaries adhere to our core values: Awareness & Education, Empathy & Dialogue, and Compassion & Community."

— Sarah Meier, CEO

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The Potential of Partnerships.

Be it our partners for conferences, or our advocacy agency clients, we strive to string the purse to purpose and help tell authentic brand stories as our community tells theirs.