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We are always looking for art contributors for our Story Bank. Next month's theme is:

 Pursuits of the mind, routines, work and career, personal systems/structure

What kind of artwork are you looking for?
Photo sets, illustrations, collage art, and gif's — anything visual. Although it is not required, we like a bit of color to keep up with the overall look of our page. Please bear in mind that all artworks are subject to the approval of the author/editor.

How do I send my artwork?
We recommend you sending us a link to your artwork/portfolio. You may use Google Drive or Dropbox to host them in. Please don’t use file-sharing services with links that might expire or that require us downloading your work in order to view it.

We also recommend (not require) sending a set instead of just one image.

What happens if my submission is rejected?

There are many reasons why a certain piece might not work for our stories such as us having just accepted a similar piece, the artwork does not suit our theme of the story, or other editorial concerns.

Try sending us a different artwork! A rejection doesn't — should not — reflect your worth as a creator/human being. This is true of experiencing your work being rejected from any publication. 

Do you pay contributors?

We are working on this! For now, we accept work from artists who believe in what STA stands for: storytelling as a culture-shaping tool. When you submit a piece, you are not just contributing your art, you are co-creating the stories with us. <3

All submissions will always be properly credited. 


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