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She Talks Asia x Bumble — New Normal Dating Guide

Ready to date again? 💖
We spoke to real life Bumble couple Gabriela, 26, and Paolo, 27, to share their story and helpful tips for successful new normal dating.

Gabriela, Gaby for short, was hesitant to try the app because she considered herself as old-fashioned. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think to engage in an online dating app. I originally wanted things to happen naturally without the help of technology.”

It was a breakup that finally pushed her to try Bumble after learning about it from her colleagues. She told herself that she needed to try something new. “I was curious! And maybe [looking] to pass the time. But fate has its ways!”

She started a conversation with a few people but found herself really getting along with Paolo. After a few weeks of talking, she wanted to meet up but he wasn’t asking her out. “Paolo was so shy he couldn't bring himself to ask me. I later learned he was nervous because hadn’t met anyone from Bumble in person yet.” Embracing her power to make the first move, Gaby asked him out. Even if she was late for two hours for their date because of a storm, conversing came easy just like in their online chats. They ended up talking about meaningful topics like their experience of coming from big families.

After their first date, it was Paolo’s turn to ask Gaby to another one. “He’s from the south but on our second date he went all the way to the north, where I was working, and surprised me with sunflowers. That was my birthday. And the rest is history!”

When asked about what she’s learned from her experience, Gaby emphasized the importance of having the courage to try new things and going out of your comfort zone. “I say take a chance. I would definitely recommend Bumble to other women. It's a chance for you to get to know other people and know more about yourself in the process.” ✨

Swipe to see our New Normal dating tips and more advice from Gaby and Paolo.

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