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She Talks Asia x Bumble — Conversation Opener

You’ve matched, now what? Time to make that first move and form a deeper connection. We spoke to real life Bumble gal Anya, 37, about starting her online dating journey while on lockdown and her most effective conversation starters.

Anya downloaded Bumble halfway through lockdown, after realizing that physical meet ups won’t be happening for a while. “My gay best friend insisted that I MAKE things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Given the limitations of COVID, I explored Bumble without any expectations. I was curious to see if there’s anyone interesting out there.”

Anya found herself really enjoying- both the company of the people she matched with, and also the power to message first. “I know the app had women in mind. I love that it honors my power of choice. It takes my confidence level up a notch with having to think of conversation starters in a given time period.”

For Anya, Bumble has been a great way to meet and have meaningful conversations with people whom she wouldn’t have met otherwise, specially during this time. “It’s been fun! Physical presence is very important for me so it’s tricky too, but it’s nice to get creative and find ways to get to know each other online.”

Her tips for those looking to start their own online dating journey: “Keep an authentic and interesting profile but leave room for intrigue too. Let go of expectations and allow yourself to be surprised."

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