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Women We Love: Doods

Listen, I don't wanna sound derivative, but

These days I'm all about self-compassion

And if you wanna connect

You gotta respect

Your people, your planet, yourself

- I’ve Got Me by Doods

Annette Osmeña, also known as Doods, is a FIlipino-American independent artist. She’s passionate about women’s rights, climate action, and holistic wellness. She spreads awareness to live a healthy and sustainable life.

She recently launched her song titled “I’ve Got Me” which reminds people to respect people, planet, and most importantly, themselves. According to Doods, “Setting boundaries means knowing one’s limits and standing firm when others invade one’s physical or emotional space. It’s not something to feel selfish or guilty about, and can rather have constructive effects on one’s relationships. For me, being secure in myself hasn’t isolated me but rather given me more capacity in my mind and heart to let others in.” Doods want to share this songs to people who feel trapped, voiceless, and controlled by other people or oppressive system.

Boundaries are a part of self-care and once you establish clear boundaries, people in turn will give you more respect. Lack of boundaries can leave you to become more vulnerable, taken for granted, and hurt. There’s nothing wrong with setting boundaries. In fact, studies show that having clear boundaries can even lower stress levels and leads to better relationships.

Words by Sonya Go (@snmdvg)

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