The Event

The Every Girl Can Conference was an exclusive event organized by Mano Amiga and She Talks Asia, held in March of 2017. Attendees were treated to dynamic conversations both on and off stage, as well as tips on living the fullest life possible, and valuable networking opportunities. Individual speakers from the creative and corporate industries shared their wealth of experience in talks throughout the day, while seasoned media practitioners and activists weighed in on what it means to be a Modern Filipina. The question “Millennials: Empowered or Entitled” was tackled by our youth panel, and women from professions as varied as ‘climate scientist’ and ‘kid’s yoga teacher’ talked about New Frontiers for Women in a round table session over lunch. 

The event was put together to raise gender equality awareness and encourage conversations about female empowerment. We also accepted pledges of volunteer hours for our Mano Amiga mentorship program for young girls.

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Our Beneficiary

Mano Amiga is a school that provides underprivileged children access to international quality education (K-12), comparable with that of the best private schools. The school offers programs that promote values formation, skills and health development, and other services tailored to the needs of the community.


Mano Amiga uplifts communities through increased student learning outcomes, improved access to health and medical services, and increased sustainable livelihood opportunities for families.

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18 March 2017

9AM - 5PM
The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion
100 Park Avenue, McKinley Hill, Taguig


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The Schedule


The Speakers

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Teresa Herrera-Anthony
Pia Acevedo
Krie Lopez
Ruzette Pineda-Cadungog (Sun Life)
Merlee Jayme
Margot Torres

Cat Juan-Ledesma
Nica Hechanova de Erquiaga
Deng Garcia
Aryn Cristobal
Michelle Barretto
Ica Fernandez
Dr. Lourdes Cruz

Jasmine Curtis Smith
Monica Magsanoc
Nella Lomotan
Samantha Lee
Thea de Rivera
Patty Tiu

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal
Gang Badoy
Rep. Pia Cayetano
Karen Davila
Minette Navarrete
Ana P. Santos


Sarah Meier


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The Location

The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion
100 Park Avenue, McKinley Hill, Taguig



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